Of haute cuisine and sugar roses

Cooking films - the adult version of comforting Disney animations for me. They're something I like to watch (in alternation with Disney films) to detox my brain after seeing a horror movie. Recently, I was introduced to Haute Cuisine (2012). Calling on my inner year 12 VCE English persona, allow me to pleasantly dissect (or … Continue reading Of haute cuisine and sugar roses


Potatoes, my love

Oh potatoes - what a blessing they are to mankind. They are The ultimate comfort food staple - be it chips, wedges or tornados; mashed, deep-fried or baked. My favourite potato feel-good dish however, is the Gratin Dauphinois. Less fancy sounding, it’s a classic potato bake, also known as scalloped potatoes. This dish was originally … Continue reading Potatoes, my love