Cake. All day everyday.

Alas! The time has come to test not just my love for food and literature, but also my ability to follow instructions. The Chosen One: Torta Caprese. Reason: It was easy to carry on public transport, didn't need reheating and wouldn't melt in the Melbourne weather I was inspired by the deep and meaningful moral … Continue reading Cake. All day everyday.


Be purified. ‘Tis heaven.

Tomatoes and eggs, what a glorious marriage of two kitchen staples. On their own, they are fundamental pillars of countless gastronomical creations, yet combined, tomato and eggs offer gentle solace to even the loneliest of souls. Uova al Pomodoro/Uova in Purgatorio, an Italian creation of eggs poached in tomato sauce, is a concoction of fresh … Continue reading Be purified. ‘Tis heaven.