Be purified. ‘Tis heaven.

Tomatoes and eggs, what a glorious marriage of two kitchen staples. On their own, they are fundamental pillars of countless gastronomical creations, yet combined, tomato and eggs offer gentle solace to even the loneliest of souls. Uova al Pomodoro/Uova in Purgatorio, an Italian creation of eggs poached in tomato sauce, is a concoction of fresh … Continue reading Be purified. ‘Tis heaven.


Potatoes, my love

Oh potatoes - what a blessing they are to mankind. They are The ultimate comfort food staple - be it chips, wedges or tornados; mashed, deep-fried or baked. My favourite potato feel-good dish however, is the Gratin Dauphinois. Less fancy sounding, it’s a classic potato bake, also known as scalloped potatoes. This dish was originally … Continue reading Potatoes, my love